Friday, May 24, 2013

Today's Benism

"Why'd you have to change, Ben"

"Because I had a hole in the crotchular area."

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

He is amazing!

Ben, my 12 year old son with diagnosed ADHD and in line for further evaluation of spectrum disorder, is amazingly funny.  When he tries and even when he doesn't.  He has a way of saying things that fall just left of normal.  (that is not a political statement)

For example, we have Crystal Light packets to put in water bottles.  We have a lot of different flavors and brands in a drawer so there is a ton of variety.  We call them drink mix.  Ben calls them "water seasoning".  How can you not chuckle???

Another one of my favorites was uttered during a movie.  There was a reference to "licking his wounds."  When discussing it Ben called it "licking his wombs."  

His father calls these "Benisms".  I love that phrase.  It makes my heart smile.  And I think it every time my boy opens his mouth and says something that sends us rolling.

I hope he never grows out of his unique way of describing things.  It's so "Ben" that I'm not sure I'll recognize him if he does.
I'm old enough now to do this. When I was younger I "took" a lot in relationships. I thought that if I didn't, I would lose those people. Never once did I think that maybe I SHOULD lose those people. That I was worth more and better. That my happiness counted for anything.

At 51 I can now see what an amazing person I am. ;) You know what I mean. I deserve and have earned my happiness. So if I have to walk away from a relationship in order to preserve my own happiness I do. Because I choose ME! Nobody else will choose me first! HA! I have to do it!

Do you do that? Choose yourself first? You should. Examine your relationships and stop being an option. ♥

Monday, May 20, 2013

The rising of the teenager

Ben is growing into quite the teen.  It seems to come naturally.  He's taller, deeper voice, more body hair.  But you know how I know for sure he is a teen?

The dishes.  The dishes and the fact that they will pile up in his room if I don't say, every day, "Bring out all the dishes and trash!"

I wonder why kids do that?  Leave dishes in their room as teens.  I mean, he was always pretty good and drinking his drink and putting the glass on the counter in the kitchen.  Now, almost over night (ok over the course of a few months) he is leaving crusty dishes in his room.  

Maybe I won't wash them....I'll just add food to them.  Maybe that will make him bring them in...hmmmmm.

I'm back!

I hate how inconsistent I am at blogging.  So this time, I'm not telling ANYONE that I have, YET AGAIN, created a blog.  I am just going to write.  And when I feel like it's "for real" I might start letting people in on it.  So I guess if you're reading this it's because you've stumbled upon me quite by accident.  Or wait....possibly it will show up if I comment on another blog and someone clicks on my name?  *sigh*  Oh well, I tried to keep it a secret until I knew for sure I would keep up.  lol

It's Monday...  I have Monday crap to do.  The weather is grey and chilly here in Seattle.  And I have things to get done.  Including grocery shopping.  Sounds fun, no?  hehe