Wednesday, May 22, 2013

He is amazing!

Ben, my 12 year old son with diagnosed ADHD and in line for further evaluation of spectrum disorder, is amazingly funny.  When he tries and even when he doesn't.  He has a way of saying things that fall just left of normal.  (that is not a political statement)

For example, we have Crystal Light packets to put in water bottles.  We have a lot of different flavors and brands in a drawer so there is a ton of variety.  We call them drink mix.  Ben calls them "water seasoning".  How can you not chuckle???

Another one of my favorites was uttered during a movie.  There was a reference to "licking his wounds."  When discussing it Ben called it "licking his wombs."  

His father calls these "Benisms".  I love that phrase.  It makes my heart smile.  And I think it every time my boy opens his mouth and says something that sends us rolling.

I hope he never grows out of his unique way of describing things.  It's so "Ben" that I'm not sure I'll recognize him if he does.

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